mille francs

Mille Francs, Congolese and European realities

Le spectacle construit son histoire et le dynamisme monte dans les airs. C’est l’histoire du partenariat culturel entre 3TAMIS et son Festival, le festival de Bukavu avec l’association italienne Chili 5 di Sale. Qui aurait cru qu’en période où l’Europe craint l’immigration des africains et des asiatiques, Italy agrees on its soil a landing…


Happy New Year 2016

2015, a year that goes. welcome 2016 Very end does not necessarily lead to a start. Years, for their, make history. Already at each year end, families prepare new. In enterprises and most radio and television, brief the media, make retrospective for remembering the past. 3TAMIS…

Afrik Hebdo (the first

Festival de bukavu : Afrik Weekly podcast of the show on the first (RTBF)of 15 September 2015 Wendy Bashi and Franck Mweze.   Here is the article that Wendy Bashi wrote for By Wendy Bashi – Festive atmosphere in Bukavu in the capital of South Kivu, which runs until 8 August the 6th edition of the festival…

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