En route pour 2018 …

Year 2018 succède à une année parsemée d’invectives de tout genre à travers le monde. La politique internationale, l & rsquo; economy, le flux des migrants et leur calvaire aux côtes d’Afrique du Nord et la fameuse Mer Méditerranée qui n’est jamais devenue Mer Rouge après des milliers de corps engloutis. En Afrique c’est un élan de démocratie


Nights of International Joke

Bin Kabodjo Happy is the DRC in Ouagadougou Africa has its tradition, the joke as part of the ceremonial giving another life to society. Laughter is still an attitude that allows the mind to be free of stress and anxiety. Born in 1995, Happy young Juwe Kazimbe, your bin…


The information and communications technology : employment for young people from Bukavu

Young people have become aware of the interest of the development of ICT, they pledge In Bukavu, academic or self-taught young people are engaged in training in new technologies and implementation of IT applications, the example of Brackley Cassinga, the self-taught electronics that recycles waste and illuminates Bukavu ! (Article France 24)   then…

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