Dramaturgy beyond borders

This 21 November 2016 the training room of Bukavu French Institute hosts for six days 13 Congolese actors, Burundi and Rwanda. Four women are actively involved in this dramatic creation workshop with Master Mwambayi of the National Institute of Arts Kinshasa. The duration is 5 days and will culminate one day in restitution to the creation at the end of training workshops.05

This workshop focused on a copyright text interpretation follows the first stage organized in Bunia on body language and voice in November 2015 by the same host. After 5 training levels with the National Institute of Arts, one would hope awarded a certificate approved high quality participants who have not interrupted this training cycle. Just like during the process as well as at the end of it, structures east of the cultural center will be able to improve their quality of salable artistic production in the country and abroad.


A pole that radiates from eastern DRC to the Great Lakes

Is the cultural center is an initiative of the activity. It consists of ten cultural houses in eastern DRC, Rwanda and Burundi. This is Voice of Youth in Ituri Bunia, Rhinos Isiro, the group TACCEMS (Theatre Amazoulou, Creator Center, Exchange and Entertainment Mounting) Kisangani, the Goma Foyer Culturel, Yolé Africa Goma, the Africa Renaissance Ballet Bukavu, 3SCREEN Bukavu, Pepper de Bujumbura, Lampyre Bujumbura Rwanda Rwanda Arts Initiative.04

In the East Cultural Division organize cultural and artistic festivals of various disciplines whose priority, theater, music and dance and film. This is the case of Ngoma Festival Kisangani, The School Theatre Festival and professional Bunia, the Amani Festival Goma, Festival of Bukavu, Buja the Festival Uninhibited Bujumbura, etc.

The French Institute of Bukavu and Africalia Belgium bedside East Cultural Hub

10The activities of the cultural center being rotatable within the framework of decentralization, This November is dedicated to Bukavu where unfolds the dramatic workshop and begin touring show of Kivu from Burundi Sanoladante of the Enfoirés 05 December 2016. Bukavu The site has used the framework recently made available from the culture by the French Institute through the Director who has graciously offered because it believes the cultural dynamism in eastern DR Congo the Great lakes Region. He follows the support for all the East Cultural Pole of the program supported by the Belgian government through Africalia Belgium. DRC, it is the TACCEMS Group of Kisangani who is the lead partnership with Africalia.


Franck Mweze

Photos by Miss Grace Rubabura, Sighted offered by Entertainment - https://www.facebook.com/Sightedesign

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