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#FestBuk2015 : galerie photos

The #FestBuk 2015 s & rsquo; is closed. Now is the time d & rsquo; draw conclusions and d & rsquo; keep the memories for the next edition. For that, a photo gallery is available below. You can help us to complete, by sharing this article and send us your photos that will be put into a second slideshow with…


Suggestions d & rsquo; improvement!

Hello everyone! You voted, the site is globally “well” but also improvable. We create this section so that You said the changes you would like to see on our site. N & rsquo; please write, all will not be possible, but we will do our best to satisfy you and improve our site for your comfort. Well…

These tools remain undeveloped…

Cork, 28 February 2015 It is with great enthusiasm that I write this post. I work daily on our website to enhance the experience. And, so that everyone benefits from a maximum, I thought it was necessary to recall the functions that remain, unfortunately, light / not exploited. I'll start with a simple list….


New participatory website!

On this beautiful morning 28 October 2014, we are proud to offer you our new web interface. This is intended to make this site a source of continuous and participatory information. En effet, you will be asked to comment, suggest changes, on the shape, content, le design, etc. For example, our translation system allows…

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